Thaddeus Solomon Barnaby was an American born Canadian who rose to prominence in the early years of the Church Of Christian Kindness. Quickly rising through the ranks of the early church, he was almost unanimously favoured as a future Bishop of COCK until the outbreak of the First World War caused a change in his service to LordCo.

After enlisting in the Canadian Army as a Chaplain, Captain Barnaby was sent to the battlefields of France where he became world famous for his bravery and brought COCK to the attention of the world. Sadly, the war would soon take the life of Captain Barnaby but it didn't end his story.

The sacrifice he and other COCK chaplains and nurses made in World War I helped speed the global expansion of COCK and earned us respect and trust on the world stage. For this service, Thaddeus Solomon Barnaby was sainted and every year COCK members and churches world wide hold massive celebrations in his memory during Barnaby Week.

To help you learn more about TSB, stop by your local COCK church and ask for a copy of our historical brochure. You can also request one from your local Deacon or Pastor.

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