The Church Of Christian Kindness is alway happy to welcome new members into our family, and whether you represent yourself, your family or your existing church, we'd be very happy to talk with you.

Over 850,000 people worldwide worship at COCK's altars and also enjoy some of the most unique benefits as church members. Our prosperity and financial practices for the past 100 years have left our church with the singular ability to offer its members such security as health and dental plans, unemployment insurance, job placement services, mortgage and debt repayment assistance, educational grants and many other unique services. Your membership would entitle you to all of these benefits and it costs you nothing (although we do gratefully accept donations). These benefits are universal, and are paid out at the same rate whether you live in Boston or Bengal.

Because of the benefits that come with membership, COCK insists that all prospectives complete an application and screening process to determine that those who who apply are deserving of joining with our church. Of course, you do not have to be a member to worship with us... we welcome everyone into our houses of God.

Individual memberships make up the bulk of all applications to COCK. Applications can be obtained from any Deacon or Pastor of COCK, by going to your nearest Church Of Christian Kindness or contacting us directly through this website.

After your application is completed it will be assessed by the Council Of Deacons and you may be asked to submit supplementary applications. Once the Council is satisfied that your application(s) is in order, you will be asked to submit proof of faith and dedication after which you will be instructed on baptismal procedures.

Once all qualifications have been met and approved by the Council, you will be issued a membership certificate and inducted into COCK. From the moment you are inducted, you will be a full COCK member, eligible for all benefits of that membership.

On occassion, entire churches decide to request membership in COCK.

The application process is similar to that for individual members except that all applications are completed by the applicant church's minister. As well as obtaining the proof of faith from the minister, he or she will be required to submit a petition with the signatures of at least 70% of all existing members of the applicant church. Once approval has been granted by the Council of Deacons, the applicant minister will be instructed on batismal procedures and expected to perform the same on his congregation.

From this moment the applicant church will be considered part of the Church Of Christian Kindness and its congregation will become members of COCK and be eligible for all benefits associated with that membership. In addition, the minister who brought the church into COCK will be granted a small payment of $250 for every member of his congregation that signed the previously submitted petition.

Both members and churches in COCK are eligible for grants for special projects.

Membership A Special Message
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