Tenets Of Faith
These are the non-negotiable Tenets of Faith that all members of the Church Of Christian Kindness must agree to before becoming members and adhere to after gaining membership. To understand these tenets is to understand COCK. Download
The Covenant of the Church Of Christian Kindness is our contract with God. It outlines the duties of our church and our members that are to be held sacred in return for the love and protection of our Lord and Saviour. Download
Educational Grants
Learn how you can receive a grant from the Church Of Christian Kindness to further your education in this colourful, four page brochure. Download
iPADs For Africa Program
With over 80,000 iPads given away so far, iFAP is one of the most successful endeavours undertaken by COCK. This four page brochure gives important details about the iPads For Africa Program including how to apply and what you can receive for your branch COCK church. Download

"It is the duty of every member of COCK to see that our brothers and sisters in the faith are not held back from worship due to financial hardships not of their making."
- Bishop T.S. Barnaby III, 7th Bishop Of COCK - Bremen Conference, 1986

With those words, Bishop Barnaby announced the creation of FOAD, the Financial Office Asset Disbursement program. FOAD ensures that members who fail to meet a minimum income threshold are able to receive financial aid. This four page brochure explains how you can receive FOAD benefits and how much you may be entitled to.


The inspirational story of the greatest member of COCK. The man who, baring his untimely death in World War I, would most likely have been elected the 3rd Bishop Of COCK on the death of Bishop Eaverstynks in 1919.

Barnaby's actions both before and during the war did more to increase COCK's standing on the world stage than any man before or since. Download this informative brochure and see why we celebrate Barnaby Days every year and why this man became the Patron Saint of the Church Of Christian Kindness.

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