The brainchild of Pastor Carl Finley, The Chuch Of Christian Kindness International Choir is a group that has never met for a rehersal or a performance. How is that possible? Well, it's no different than how they do a Saturday morning cartoon, only we add harmony! Each musician is told what to play or sing, records it using their computer and then either emails it to COCK or posts it on YouTube for later retrieval.

In 2003, Pastor Finley was staring at a map of all the member churches throughout the world and particularly in Africa and wondered what kind of musical talent may be hidden there. After a few inquiries, he acquired some recordings of a specific song from several members and started splicing them together, using other church members from around the world to supply instrumental background music. The result was astonishing and the COCK IC was born.

Church members who participate in the MCPCC are paid an honorarium by the Church of $4,800 per anum with an additional $3,600 per anum for vocal lessons or instrument maintenance. In return, the church gets tenfold back in CD sales and a priceless amount of goodwill.

Click here to hear a demo song performed by this unique choir. This piece was assembled in 2006 by Pastor Finley using 23 separate vocalists and 16 separate musicians to create a musical version of the Lord's Prayer in Swahili. In no instance was any member of the choir in contact with any other member. We think it's amazing and we hope you enjoy it.

To enquire about joining the MCPC Choir please contact your local Pastor or Deacon.

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