In 1997, the late Pastor Edward Rennie received a letter that touched his heart and would forever change the mandate of the Church Of Christian Kindness. The letter, from Father Martin Uzoma, documented the plight of orphans in Nigeria and Father Uzoma's efforts to provide them a stable upbringing.

Pastor Rennie recognized the letter as an opportunity to redirect the wealth and energy of the Church of Christian Kindness and challenged his congregation to help Father Uzoma. Within a matter of weeks, the Church had gathered food, medical supplies and cash worth over $30,000 and arranged to have it delivered to Father Uzoma. We had helped the orphans and started a new chapter in the history of the Church of Christian Kindness.

Since 1997, COCK has donated over $400,000,000 worth of cash and goods for the benefit of our brethren in Africa. Today, our African Mission program is under the oversight of 1st Deputy Bishop Coupe de Ville who, with the Council of Deacons, routinely works to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the developing nations of Africa.

In this 20th Anniversary Year of the African Mission, COCK is proud to report that we are on track to donate over $75,000,000. If successful, it will make 2017 the most productive year for the African Mission ever and a fitting tribute to the legacy of Pastor Rennie.

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