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Ask your Deacon or Pastor for your free copy of the inspirational story of our founder, Thaddeus Solomon Barnaby.

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The Church of Christian Kindness is a multi-national, non-denominational church that specializes in spreading the word of God to areas of the earth where that word is a mere whisper. With physical churches and centres of worship on six continents, COCK is one of the largest Christian worship networks in the world today.

Through the goodwill of our members and the generous support of corporate sponsors, COCK is able to use it's resources to provide aid and comfort to the disadvantaged. Although we support causes the world over, our primary focus is the Continent of Africa where our African Mission program has spent over $132,500,000 dollars since 1997, building churches, orphanages, clinics and offering direct financial support for persons and churches in distress.

The key to our success with such aid is in working directly with the people who best know the situation and are familiar with what is most needed. After intial contact, usually through e-mail, we deal directly with a local minister or official and arrange all funding to be distributed through them.

Enjoy your visit to our website and if you find yourself near one of our churches in your area, drop in for coffee, cake and spend some time with people who share the same vision of God and fellowship that you do.